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There is nothing wrong with black lives matter

Is it wrong to use all lives matter? No. But now is not the time for that. There is a difference between something being true and something being relevant. Here's why black lives matter isn't problem.

This past week has been really intense. So many murders and so many cries that I would rather not have to talk about. But unfortunately, this cause is mine not only as a black woman but as a decent human being. Let’s pray for the souls of Alton sterling and Philando Castile, These men whose death has made us realize, once more, that our society isn’t as advanced and open minded as we thought it was.

First of all, I would like to disgust the whole black lives matter vs all lives matter beef going on all over social media.Read More


What I learned from keeping a gratitude Journal

Gratitude is an important quality that we should all have. At the beginning of 2016 it was on top of my new year resolution. Since then I started keeping a gratitude journal. Here's why I learned and Why I think you should join the club.Gratitude. It’s a word we hear so often. We’re told since a young age about its importance but sometimes fail to apply it to our lives. As a religious person, gratitude is a trait, a quality that brings you closer to God, and that’s why at the beginning of this year being more grateful was on top of my resolutions. It’s kind of hard to keep up with the little things that make us happy in life, especially if things are not going your way. So I found an interesting way to do it. I bought a small journal and dedicate 15 minutes of my day to reflect and write at least one thing that made me happy.

So far here’s what I learned and why I think you should do it too.

  • If you dig deeper life isn’t that bad

I don’t know what you’re going through at the moment, or how good your life is but something is sure we all have something to complain about. And for some reason, we let those things take over our day and overcome the good aspect of it. Every night when I take my pen it takes time to find that one thing that made me happy. Sometimes it didn’t even come from me, it could just be a simple visit from somebody I missed; or just a call. We should look deeper than our little person and not only be grateful when we receive something but also when we have the opportunity to give and make someone else happy.

Gratitude is an important quality that we should all have. At the beginning of 2016 it was on top of my new year resolution. Since then I started keeping a gratitude journal. Here's why I learned and Why I think you should join the club.   It’s only bad when you compare yourself

This one has a bigger house and a faster car. So what? You’re alive and have the potential to have everything you want if you pray and work hard for it. You’ll never be able to see your growth if you keep comparing yourself to others. And gratitude cannot be a part of your life if you’re not thankful for what you already have. By the way, you have no idea what they went through to be where they are. We only see the outcome, not the process. There will always be people more successful than we’ll ever be but they’re people who beg to have what we take for granted. It’s important to keep things balanced. Look up to be motivated but look down to be grateful.

Even the little things count

I’m not going to lie, I would like to write a big accomplishment every day in my gratitude journal. But it’s not always the case. Sometimes I write the most random things. From the joke my grandma told me to a canceled test, I was not ready for. Everything count. I am glad I learned that at such a young age because it feels like we only enjoy these moments when they become memories.

There is no right way to keep a gratitude journal. You can write daily like I do but also once or twice per week, it’s all up to you. The best thing is to include this sense of gratitude in your life and be able to read your blessings, big or small at the end of the year and see how much you’ve evolved and changed.

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The joys of a workout


Since the beginning of this year, I decided to get back to the gym and loose that extra weight that has been bothering me for so long. I’ve been inspired by someone in particular and that someone is Khloe Kardashian. If you’ve seen her insane body transformation, you can only be inspired to throw all the junk food away.

I started to go to the gym religiously and of course when you put hard work and dedication you start to see the results. I didn’t want it to be a fast weight loss. I wanted to enjoy every little step of my progress.Read More


A glimpse at Istanbul modest fashion week


Modest fashion week happened a few days ago in Turkey and seventy designers are taking part in the two-day event hosted by Modanisa, an online retailer of Muslim fashion. It was an amazing way to find new inspiration for my own wardrobe. Not only from the runway but also from the influencers outfits. Since I decided to incorporate more colors in my closet, I mainly started looking for everything that wasn’t plain back and white. I sure wasn’t disappointed.Read More


6 Steps to Make This Your Most Productive Ramadan


Islam gives us the opportunity to get better everyday. You shouldn't wait for the last 10 days of Ramadan to give your best. Here are a few things that can really help you maximize your rewards everyday. From reading the Quran to healthy tips

Hey everyone. By the time you’re reading this I think Ramadan already started but it’s not too late for me for me to post this. I always have a lot of questions regarding what I can or cannot do during Ramadan or just how to make this month better. But sometimes there are some random topics that aren’t really addressed so I decided to answer them based on my experience and my personal goals. Hope it can help.

I decided to divide this post in two part, the first one is health and fitness related and this one is more focused on the spiritual side of Ramadan so here we go.Read More